Week 1 Tasks For AT Studio

Define these words!!!!!

Week one we were tasked to develop an A0 poster which would define certain words in a creative manner. Firstly the group had a debate on these words what they mean in general and what these words could mean for our collaborative design process.

We tasked ourselfs to express our meanings of the words visually by closing our eyes and drawings. This gave each group member a different perspective on each word. These drawings were then combined and placed in there respective word collection. This opened another discussion amusing the group members.

With even more visual we discussed how each word interlinks, and the in an informal community where working together is an only means of getting things done. We realized that one word cannot and should not exist without the others.

 Our product was a Creative mind map which categorized the words into much more deeper meanings. and that there was a top-down system that arises from the process.