Ethics of Engagement: Pecha Kucha

Research and group collaboration. 17-07-2014.

            We should understand that there are different types of people living within the area and that we should respect them and their environment. We should not bring harm to them and also respect the cultural differences between ourselves and them.

Diverse groups rallying behind a common identity and attitude overcoming the challenge at hand.

Do no harm: our impact should not cause any negative disturbance. It’s important not to cause damage by trying to do good.

People with different ethics / backgrounds coming together for a mutual purpose.

In this instance both these parties, although different, make contributions that are both beneficial to the purpose.

Ethics principles: honesty, respect, objectivity and openness.

Our contribution should not cause damage to the site both physically and socially.

 We should work together with the people within Denver to help them create a better living environment for themselves and for their children. It is essential for everyone to participate in the community effort to sustainable living environment.

The importance of collaborative work.

Showing creative ways to communicate between possible role-players and volunteers.

We should state our intention in a clear and concise manner. We come as transparent, so that our intentions can be seen. Our transparent image will translate (in a non-verbal way) as honesty and integrity.

            Setting the whole thing in motion. To get government, NGO’s and communities moving forward.

In order for everyone to enjoy and utilize a new and effective system within Denver, everyone has to have a part in the process and such input will make the design effort much more fruitful. The design process must ensure a symbiotic relationship between people.

Identifying individual and collective issues from the people on the ground, and align them into a singular, manageable co-op project and driving it into an all-round participative process.

Value of collaboration: two or more sides participating in solving a problem and trying different ways to solve a problem that is mutually beneficial.
 The weighting of resources must be equal

A discussion can be effective if one communicates with one another by means of showing the individual where you have come from and where you are going. By showing the individual how her/he’s input has helped the process, it will encourage them to be more active in the participative design process.
Pecha Kucha Presentation. 21-07-2014

           Macro scale_ Code of Ethics

           Medium scale_ Code of Participation

           Micro scale_ Code of participative Design