D14 Week 4: Denver Site Presentation

The Washing line exhibition on site 

The week leading up to the UIA Congress we gave the community members a peek/ preview of our work that we have done till up to the, date of the on site presentation. This presentation was done in a Pecha Kucha style presentation, but instead of showcasing it in a digital manner we printed all of the slides on A3 Paper and fixed them to A3 Cardboard’s and showcased the slides on site in a washing line style exhibition. 
This exhibition encouraged some of the community members to come and look at the work and started to engage with the students about the work that have been done and they also gave there input into the work that was done and on some of the ideas that was presented to them. 
These community members input was of great importance and gave the students a different outlook on what they were planning and how the community would accept and use or misuse these ideas that was planned for the Denver informal settlement.

Analysis of some of the conditions that are on site or that
 may be needed on site.

This mapping exercise shows the Denver community  in context
of there surrounding area and major transport routes 

On site analysis of how to access our region of the
settlement from the road and transport infrastructure 

This on site mapping shows the origin of the bad smell’s 
that are present on site

This on site map shows the causes of the bad smell in
 the regions mentioned above

This is a general analysis of the conditions that are
currently on site

This images houses some of the main problems
that are on site and more specific to our region of the site 

This image is a quick representation of how to fix these problems in the
 short term and that can lead to long term solutions.