Week 1

Studio AT Denver: WEEK-2

By Sibusiso, Joana + Team


Figure 1: Our site allocation with Jhono Bennett being appointed as our lecturer.

Before going to the Denver community to begin our course of research, the group had to collectively decide on a number of questions that just and ethical. Below is a model that represents the an understanding of Denver’s immediate physical character. 

The large white box represents the Men’s hostel that provides the Denver informal settlement with electrical power and the connections made with the wool represent those electrical cables stretching into the settlement. Once completed the group was surprised to see that FUTURE had no link…this became a point of further interest. 


In the Master students were exposed to a new innovative way of approaching design on the project before this current one. The title of the project was Drawing the City into being which our lecturer Alex Opper and guest lecturer Lorenzo Nassimbeni assembled for us and, it mostly encouraged an intuitive process of drawing. Sibusiso and myself thought it very valuable for our third year to to experience this eye opening and exciting method. Sibusiso rewrote the previous brief and collapsed some tasks into one. 

Left: personal words chosen to describe the site. Right: 3rd years drawing from memory with their eyes closed.    


Week 2 mostly entailed experiencing the site furthermore, engaging with the community on various social activities. This week also had the team working towards ideas that can manifest themselves physically as to allow better engagement and understanding with the community. Most of the tasks dealt with trying to help the community and ourselves understand the opportunities and constraints of their environment.

Figure 3: Cooking and Selling of meat

Figure 4: Becoming friends in a social gathering space.