Week 2

Week Four 

UIA and Map on site

In week four the group split up as some of the members attended congress and the rest of the group participated in putting together all the groups figure mapping and painting it on site.
Stitching together of the Frankenstein map

Putting the map on the wall to see how it fits

 After some adjustments 

Zone J Figure ground for stencil

A more cohesive figure map was put together and a stencil cut out. We then went back to site and spray painted the map on the wall.

The first layer

The end result for now. With some cleaning up, the addition of icons and some more layers the residents will have an accurate, easily accessible map of their area.


Some of the presentations attended by the group and their slides for the upcoming class presentation

Project: Hathigaon
Architect: Rahul Mehortra
Location: Jaipur, India
Status: On-Going

The main design strategy was to structure the landscape to create a series of water bodies that harvest rainwater runoff. The focus was diverted from the architecture, with the Architectural intervention being minimal which would transform incrementally over time. The main aim was to build some sense of community and relationship between animal, nature and human.
We can apply a similar approach to Denver Settlements by creating smaller changes that can affect the inhabitants over time.

AtStudio Denver workshop 
with Eric Wright, Alex Opper and Thomas Chapman at DURBAN l UIA.
We received great input from other delegates attending the world congress. Follow the twitter feed #StudioATDenverUIA

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