D14 Week 5: Post UIA Petcha Kutcha Presentation about Joburg process

The Post UIA Presentation about the Group Work that was taking Place while some Students were at UIA

The following few slides are part of a wider collective of the Post UIA Presentation that was held at the University of Johannesburg to inform our fellow students that whent to UIA, what process and work has been done while they were in Durban

The following images are the slides that group D14 Presented 

Introduction slide of presentation
This is the wall at the beer hall where the figure ground of
 Denver’s Informal settlement is painted

This shows how the work started for the painting of the figure ground

The figure ground template for painting taking shape 

The final template for the figure ground before painting started

A collaboration process between the students that stayed behind at painting
 the much needed figure ground of the settlement

The process of painting  and touching up of  the figure ground 

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