On going process and collection of data

Our site visit on Wednesday was of quit an interest as we gathered more information and data on our region A. We went to site and planned it too be very productive as we analyzed what we were tasked to do in Phil’s brief.

When we got back to studio we spoke about our site visit and we wanted to document all our findings and ideas and so we took apon some scenarios of our region and tried to demonstrate them in a graphic view.

Below are our scenarios that we identified on site.

Scenario 1:
Weekend Street Gathering/Party- How people come together on weekends due to the light and how it becomes a community space due to the people coming together.

Day time view

Night time view

Scenario 2:
Recycling in our region A- This scenario refers to recycling within our region and zooming more in a specific part of our site rather than the whole of Denver informal settlement.

Scenario 3:
Shop Fronts- This scenario is all about how they create a barrier between them and the street and how we as a group want to dissolve that.

Shop Fronts Scenario

Scenario 4:
Community- We were observing the coloured community in our focus area and their living space compared to other relative communities on site. Since the coloured has been there before Denver rapidly grew and expanded they have the largest courtyard space on site, but they way they live is closed off and secluded. The other relative communities have smaller living and courtyard spaces so their living is more fluid and interwoven that even the pavement, which is a private entity becomes their own private courtyard. 

Community Scenario

Scenario 5:
Recycler- This Scenario that we identified on site was a recycler coming through the Denver community collecting cardboard, and then going to the factory and getting money in return for it, but before that he used to work in a shop as a teller and only did recyling part time when he had time off and he realized that he could make more money in recycling and so he stopped working in the shops and is only recycling now.


Scenario 6:
Warehouse- The circle represents the scenarios that happen within the warehouse from electrical wires above to the structures within a structure.


Scenario 7:
Safety- The blocks of the picture indicate that there are different levels of security and safety throughout the site. Examples such as having a fence and still a large gate behind for extra safety.

Safety of Denver Settlement

On going Construction Process

Our construction process that has been going on was too identify severe problems on site other than storm water or garbage.

Our main concept that we identified in our region in the Denver community was lighting. Which we then came up with sub headings underneath lighting such as Social lighting, Economical lighting and light entering the building.

Lighting Problem

The past week we split into groups of 2 and 3 and then identified which part of the site we actually want to work with and what we can do to solve the problems of social, economical and lighting into the buildings.

Process of the work going on in studio and on site are shown below.

An image of our identified problem in the Denver settlement in our region A.

The first solution was the small warehouse were there are shacks situated within the warehouse. The solution to the problem was physical lighting and how we can bring light into the building so that the community can use less electricity and more daylight.

Physical lighting problem in the warehouse
Conceptual idea of bring physical light into the warehouse.
Re-used glass bottles for recycling water from the roofs into a tank.
Zoomed out section of a dwelling with the glass bottles on top of the roof which will capture the rain and take it down a pipe into a tank, to have washing and drinking water right by them.

The next solution was to give back to the public as everybody who enters the site enters on the street and not on the actual paving as the paving is all broken and vandalized.
We came up with a solution for this and to create a barrier between the road and paving and to let the users walk between the shops and interact with the vendors that we are proposing and with the existing shops. We would also like to take the children off the street and onto the paving for safety issues as they play on the streets.

Proposal of pavement issue to create a barrier between the street and pavement.
Section and an elevation of the proposal
Another proposal for creating a barrier to let users interact with the shops and vendors.
3D View of proposal of re used materials on site.

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