Durban Recap

Week 5: Pecha kucha presentations.

Having come together from Durban and JHB, we were assigned to present on our experiences at UIA and Denver. Groups were divided up and assigned specific topics from UIA to present on. Our groups topic was the Student Debates that took place.

This was part of a student debate that took place between students from across the globe on the topic of ‘Studio Culture’. Its cool because it has some raw stuff coming from the students at UJ, some of whom are quite new to spending so much time in studio (1st years). The presentation explores the influences at work in the studio.

(Click on any of the following to embiggen.)

Studio at 11am.

Studio serves as the base for students to develop their architectural careers. Those who spend the most time in studio often receive the best results. However that pattern often results in a slump in performance due to over comfort in the studio and social saturation.

Studio at 7pm.

Influences contributing to lack of studio culture.

(1st year Studio)

Students begin to change the studio to represent their frames of mind and do so through expression and layout. A place within studio often gains value as different events are experienced.

(1st year Studio)

Not sure how much work would we done. But studio would be full.

At UJ the 3rd year studio has been split into a more common space for students who spend less time in studio, a more private studio has been established and cordoned off for students who invest more in studio, as such results have thus far indicated an even spread of performance between ‘studio loungers’ and ‘home workers’.

A good studio has a strong sense of cross pollination between students skill sets.

At UIA, these slides sparked much debate from students as different studio cultures and opinions clashed.

This results in stronger friendships and better rounded individuals.

This image encapsules what we are aiming for and is the culmination of the first 3 weeks of AT. It took place in Denver and was a discussion between volunteers, UJ, Ngo’s and bye-walkers.

Whatever the institutional regulations a studio should be flexible and dynamic enough to allow students to form the environment they work best in themselves whilst maintaining some boundaries to protect all involved.

This topic is pretty close to home for students of architecture and deserves a lot of discussion, some of which can be heated.

Also in context with Denver and those who help us. This is where we work and live.

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