UIA prep


Week 3: Our Pamphlet for UIA.

In order to garner interest down at the UIA, we’ve been tasked to design a pamphlet that we could give to people. In the spirit of design (but mostly rebellion). We made a transformer pamphlet.


(Front Page. Mithals car hosting our on site meeting with community leaders and lecturers)

(Page 2. An intoduction to the Roleplayers)

(Back page. The Calendar)

We hoped the pamphlet will help people to see an opportunity for themselves to become involved in the project. Also the pamphlet is to serve as a portal to our blog.

Five members of the group are set to go to Durban with our pamphlet.

This is where we shamelessly plagiarised for our idea .
Keep an eye out for forthcoming pictures of how it all came together.

The J team

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