Week 2

Ethics and Design Template

Week 2: Pecha-Prezi

As a group we’ve been tasked to explore the ideas of Ethics , Co-operative design and a Code of participation. After a lot of discussing, unpacking and exploring we produced our individual slides and made a Prezi to show to our class mates.
Below is a link to our Prezi.

The J team.

Early Impressions

Week 2 : Site map

Visiting site has allowed us to meet a lot of people and to establish relationships. The rhythm we’ve adopted is MON,TUES– Studio WED, THURS, FRI-Site. For week two we were required to produces maps documenting our findings. Below is an early understanding of site.

(Click to Embiggen)

A summation of our findings:

  • Existing walls and natural barriers have allowed for individual ‘neighborhoods’ to form 
  • Courtyards and communal space has formed in these neighborhoods as a residue of the existing social network
  • Water is relatively available.

These are early findings and will definitely change.

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