During the fourth week of the AT Denver Studio, some members of our group went to Durban for UIA  (International Union of Architects). A conference bringing together architects from around the world to talk about architecture and its issues. One member of our group stayed behind to represent our group here in Johannesburg and in Denver.

The students still in Johannesburg was tasked to finish the painting of the figure ground map on the wall of the Beer Hall (a common meeting place for the community).

Photos by Kholokazi Ngoma

Those of us privileged enough to attend UIA were tasked to carry on with the AT studio in Durban by creating pamphlet’s of our current findings and work of Denver. The idea was to share share them with the attendee’s of the UIA in order to receive more input and feedback from different people. With regret, we missed this opportunity as we were all to busy with lectures and of course going to the beach.

This is our pamphlets:

NOTE: Please follow our group blog for more detailed and regular up-to-date posts:
 GROUP F – Derive

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