Week 5: Construction Hybridization Concept

Natural topographies, reclaimable bamboo, building rubble & quartzite to create a sustainable farming/food production & biofiltration interventions. Then later scale these up to create place & space that is sustainable & contextually managed.

A biofiltration system and methods of upcycling water using specific ecologies.

Overview of the intervention along the water channel. Breakdown of water status, introducing an intervention to deal with the dirty water entering the channel from alternative calverts.

A solution to deal with the water that is thrown out peoples homes. Nodes would be set up at reasonable walking distances where they can throw away their water. It is proposed as a permanent long term solution. It would aslo create a social space and a way to relieve the site of the smell of stagnant water for a more humane environment.
There is currently a linear life cycle on site, there should be a continuous cycle to create a sustainable life cycle and a system where the community can grow their own food and create an economy.

How eco machines work..

What goes into an eco machine?

The use of biotechnology and permaculture to manage the waste and water issues on site.

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