Week 6: Exchange & Collaboration building our Community Action Plan.

Week 6
Group 9

Perception on the ground AT Denver.
Developing a way forward with our strategy plan driver, Group9 has seen how each individual can see the same situation but from a completely different view. Just like in architecture how two people can be looking at the same building but see it differently as they are looking at the building from different elevations. Only until they both move to where the other is, then they will be able to see what the other’s view is of the building.
Being on the ground in Denver speaking to the residents we noticed how we could both be looking at the word “Safety” and see it from different views. For example we wrote the word down thinking of crime and safety concerns with fire, rape, violence, etc. Where a man of the age of 28 did not think of drastic concerns he looked at safety and thought of the children. Falling on the hard ground, standing on sharp objects or getting knocked over by cars on the main road. Listening to how we are misled just by our perception of what we hear from other people of what “informal settlements” are. Only when being on the ground and dealing with site specific problems, benefits and situations can we, then make plans to move forward in the development of the aformal terrain. Development not only being spatial but non-spatial as well.

Here is a link to where other blog entries may be found relating to studio AT Denver.

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