Week 3

Week Six

The week started with a progress crit….

Populating the space

The group presenting in pecha kucha format our idea progress

the studio space

the crit
group discussion after crit on the way forward

The following day we went on a site visit to try and gather more information on the plausibility of our proposed idea.

group members using our model  as a tool for engagement in discussion with residents
challenging and aligning perceptions
on site crit and discussion 

After our visit to site and much discussion the team settled on the idea of free standing walls.The residents can use the walls to attach their dwellings onto them. The walls can act as a space activator with benches promoting social spaces. In the long run the walls will have services running though them, like drinking taps, solar panels. 
The walls will also aid in storm water control, preventing water from entering peoples home and provide a more structured layout.

working in studio

The Walls

Populating the space