Starting Monday morning we were told that there will be not one but two finale presentations.

One will take place on campus on Wednesday and the other one will take place Friday on site.

Wednesday’s presentation will consist of digital work were stakeholders, community reps and students will be present. 
Where Friday’s presentation will be a hard copy presentation as well as a handover of all findings. The presentation will also be for our final construction plans.

The presentation will be open for all community members, stakeholders and all other parties involved in this project.


We had our first final presentation on campus this Wednesday.
Now to prepare for the final one on Friday on site.

See below our presentation

Unpacking of a complex brief

Points we thought needed investigation with regards to Spatial Justice
Humane Settlements were one of the points that influenced our CAP the most
The investigation into Scenario Planning
Our study area of the Denver Informal Settlement is area I
Through visiting site we made use of different transport systems (train, taxi, private car)
Main points we took with us to site was Respect for the people living there as well as that we have to earn there trust for this project to be successful
The diagram explain how we engaged with the community.
We had to make use of a few tools to engage with the community. The one tool we used was a model showing our community action plan. This tool was very usefully as the community could access our thinking very easily
The figure ground of area I
Use of each shack
Mapping of main elemants
How our community action plan got developed


So Friday was the final for the academic part of this project.

The presentation was held in the Hostel’s hall where the community came to join us to see the work we had done in the 7 weeks that we spent on site.

Now the project is off to the different organizations.
We hope that our investigation’s are helpfull to carry this project into the future.

On site
Engagement with the community

Community members looking at the process work

Presenting our work to the community