Week 7: Final Presentations & Construction Deatils

We started off by expressing our understanding of spatial justice vs. spatial injustice in sketch format. Particular to Denver, we found the placing of toilets, waste collection points and water points all in one space and at some of the residents’ doorsteps to be an injustice because of the odour and the amount of waste produced daily, but allocating separate areas for each of these facilities and distributing them throughout the site would do residents more justice as it would aid comfort and hygiene for each individual residing on site. 

Denver is a residential and industrial area, the settlement being on the industrial side. There are three other settlements along Main Reef road which are situated in close proximity to transport nodes. 
The southern most area of region G connects to Main Reef road through a veld.

We put our puzzle study to the test by creating “ideal” scenarios and the four that stood out the most dealt with issues of erosion where we introduce a meander comprising of used tyres, sand and planting that would allow the collection and controlling of surface water that would be redirected into the main water course for purification and harvesting. Refuse disposal and recycling as a way to clean the settlement and generate an income from recyclable material. Courtyard re-appropriation for improved land use and allocation of services such as toilets and water points. This would also tie into improved surveillance for safety and comfort on site.