Week 6 post 3 The End of the very Beginning.

Week 6

Presentation Day.

On probably the coldest day of the year the AT team gathered at the cultural hall on top of the Denver mens residence to culminate the AT studio research portion for this year.
The intricacies and intimacy of courtyards creates community.

Volunteers, ward councillors, NGO’s, students, friends and lecturers all met in one place. With all the culminated work! Volunteers and residents where acknowledged for their wonderful contribution and assistance so far by recieving a certificate of participation. The community cheered for its individual characters and personalities.
The walls of the cultural hall were transformed into a library of collaborated and invested information. Volunteers showed their friends around and explained the nature of the project to fellows.
The most rewarding moment perhaps was when our volunteer explained to a group of friends what are particular groups research entailed.
Which brings us to an important place in the AT studio. The importance of the people. This work would be fruitless without our volunteers leading us and guiding us. We offer big thanks and acknowledgement to the friends we’ve made in our volunteers.
Below is our final presentation which focused on one or two main findings in our research and was translated into zulu.
The J-team.