Week 7 + Reflection Post

The 29th of August had arrived and a buzz within the Denver Hostel Hall.

The atmosphere in the hall on the “final” day of presentation was alive and moving, not sure if it was because of all the rush to pin up all the work on time or if the build up to this day was more appreciated than most students would have thought going into the beginning of this project.

A quick overview presentation of the projects done was presented to the residence in Zulu language. It was then followed by a ceremony of handing out certificates to the community volunteers. The excitement on the faces of those receiving certificates was a moment that brings joy  to those receiving as well as those around them, and a large highlight to the day and whole project.
This was a great way of giving to the community. Not building something physicle but something mental and emotional that they may use to move forward within the future projects of Denver,”a flint to the fire”.

Engagement of all ages with the exhibition.

Denver informal settlement, has taught us the group of local Area E, Architecture students of UJ and as well as Lecturers of UJ many ways in which to view the birth of action plans. This was done by use of different ways of collaboration involving the community within this site specific aformal terrain to move towards a positive future within that space.