Week 7. Reflection.

Reflecting Back.

After meeting with lecturers and role players to review the AT process we found ourselves looking back and learning form the process.
Here are the highlights of this years AT studio.

New Friends.

New groups mean new people. This quarter has formed a lot of friendships that will continue concurrently with AT Studio and long thereafter. Also, working with senior students provided a measure of the course progresses students from year to year. In design new friends means new skills, programs and ways. We learnt alot.

New Places.

Spending time in Denver introduced many of us to new instances and situations. A richness of culture and character was exposed to us. Buying ‘Ghost Pops’ on site became the fuel that kept us working through the nights back at UJ. 

Better New Friends.

Spending time with our volunteer and her son was really rewarding. Sharing opinions and recieving help when we didn’t know what to say or how to go. Shaking hands, poking in through an entrance. Whistling. Ducking under cables with people. Friendship starts here in Denver.

Story Telling.

Sitting with Matriachs in our area and hearing about the first dwelling in the Denver settlement. Fires, floods, thieves, rallies. A wonderful history of a unique place that had never been recorded formally. Hearing stories from the source made technology seem a little clumsy.

The Taal.

Unjani ma? Siyabonga.Nyabonga. Ngomso. Kwa-shushu. Vimba. Dipilele. Sowabona. Ubani? Baba. uBoy. uKhukhu.


Butting heads in our groups. Disagreeing with our mouths and otherwise. Sulking and making friends. The tight knit group dynamic forced many of us to grow and mature.


What you have is better if everyone has it too. With our interactive model we where able to receive, understand and then share ideas with the community.