A set of resources used by the AT Collaborators, and made available for future civil groups, practitioners, researchers or city officials working in this sector.

Spatial Development Resources

South African Publications

Counter Currents – edited by Edgar Pieterse

Diepsloot – Anton Harber

Cityscapes Journal – edited by Sean O’Toole, Tau Tavenga & Edgar Pieterse

Cities with Slums – Marie Huchzermeyer

Unlawful Occupation: Informal Settlements and Urban Policy in SA and Brazil – Marie Huchzermeyer

International Publications

Design for the Real World – Victor Papanek

Housing by People – John Turner

Housing without Houses – Nabeel Hamdi

A Place Maker’s Guide – Nabeel Hamdi
Small Change – Hamdi

Spatial Agency – Schneider, Till, et al

Housing By People – John Turner


Urbanized – Gary Hustwit  

Caracas The Informal City – Rob Schröder 

Dark Days – Marc Singer   

Lagos Wide & Close – Bregtje van der Haak           

La Haine – Mathieu Kassovitz        

City of God. 2002. Fernando Meirelles

Waterborne – PPC & 1to1

Dear Mandela – Dara Kell & Christopher Nizza

Jerusalema – Ralph Ziman