This week the group was split into two groups.

The one group went down to Durban for UIA and the second group stayed at studio and represented us on site

The week was used to finish the on site map at Denver.
The Group that stayed in Johannesburg started to build a contour model as well as a working model that’s going to be used for process work.
See below how the map turned out


From UIA

Below is the posters we took down to UIA to get feedback on

Thabang got good feedback on the UIA poster as well as the process we are embarking on with the study on Denver Informal Settlement
Below is a copy of the feedback we received

Thanks Thabang

I see in the scenario planning – which is great and I hope you plan on elaborating on it. You mention skills development –  that’s something I’d like to be part of. That’s the major thing we need in SA, for South African’s to adopt a culture where they start improving their own communities. That could be blended into whatever education you offer the kids. And the public amenities could be funded by ……. and built by whatever skilled labour is in the community. There’s a book called “Where’s the Chicken.” It talks about such solutions.
Secondly, offering health care is difficult. I know someone who tried starting a clinic in a low income area. They don’t get enough income at this stage to keep the practice open – they’re running at a loss. How could you make it viable? And what would you suggest in terms of health care – if you’re proposing that? Permaculture could be part of such a solution – prevention rather than cure – eating healthy so they stay healthy? To begin with at least? And perhaps it could fund the health care system.
What I really want to know is whether this just an idea or do you plan on following through with it? Are you going to be part of it. Cuz I’m game. And I know others that are willing. This aligns exactly with what I want to do for my Thesis as well. I have a journal with a few things that explain the same ideas I have. And I’d like some experience beforehand. I’m getting experience in other places. You wanna meet some time and discuss it further? Then perhaps I can offer sketches based on what we come up with together.

All the best,
Andrew David Harrison

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