Week 3

Week Five – Part one

We started the week by catching up. The class split in two groups those who attended congress and those who stayed behind. Each group then prepared a presentation to brief the others in what they have seen an learnt.

Following that the group was busy with several activities. Some members went to site to do a much a more in depth mapping.
Storm Water and Drainage

Courtyard typologies

Model building a work in progress

Informal housing typologies 1
Informal housing typologies 2
Informal Housing Typologies 3

Mass model…Getting there

MARM – Task 1

It is extremely difficult to attempt to uncover identities and relationships at a single scale or from only one perspective. As a group a decision was taken to continuously zoom in to small details and still remain aware of the context and environment while interviewing people or trying to understand the basic construction methods used around site. The constant change in scale allows for influences from the immediate surrounds to constantly inform any deductions or drawings that we make from the field work in Denver.

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