Week 1 post 2

A something to make friends.

Week 1

In keeping with the ‘On the Ground’ theme in the ‘Studio AT Denver project, which focuses on working CLOSELY with community members to form an Aformal environment, we designed the pamphlet below to introduce ourselves to our community.

Aformal: When a formal and informal system grow into one another to ascend the individual meanings and performances of each instance to form a new environment with elements of each, but a new transformative function that is better tailored to needs.(This is an early and a rough understanding of the word and system and will certainly change and evolve as we learn and progress through the project).

(Click to Embiggen)

The majority of Denver residents are Zulu speaking and thus we’ve including the dialect on our pamphlet to overcome the language barriers that exist and to become friends.

The J team.

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