D14 Week 5: On site community engagement

Friday the 22 August 2014 

Our group went to the Denver Informal Settlement, to teach some of the community members how to make some vertical veggie gardens.

This initiative was powered by the rat problem that is currently on site and the availability of land for veggie gardens, these rats are every where! When the residents plant any means of vegetation as soon as they start to grow the rats eat the plants and no progress is maid further with the growing process of the plants.

We went out to site with some basic materials for these vertical veggie gardens. These materials are all easily available to all of the residence on the informal settlement. They are also very easy to make and not to difficult to make and compile.

The materials were as follow:
                                               Ground for planting
                                               Plastic bottles
                                               Rope/ wire
                                               Some vegetable plants

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