Site Specifics

A Wednesday of Mapping

Week 4: Diary Entry

Thursday (28 July 2014) was our pin up. The preceeding Wednesday was when we decided to do a lot of our work. Thus a full site visit of mapping. By this point our knowledge of the area was pretty good and the level of our mapping was more in depth. The aim for the day was to meet and build relationships on site and to attain further information on individual dwelling plans and tenure information.

Below are some pictures to narrate the nature of the day.

We checked in with lecturers and community leaders to update everyone on where we were and how to proceed.Good talk guys.

We split into pairs, with each couple focusing on a specific info group to map.This is beside our sites veggie garden.

Jam and Ayanda were tasked to meet with the community and record the general layouts of the dwellings as well as ownership, density and employment related information.

Later in the day these ladies met with a Matriach in a micro cummunity within our site who shared a story about the first dwelling to be erected in Denver at about the same time as the birth of our democracy. Visit back for a post about this.

An important foot path connecting the main and secondary roads in our area.

A trader situated at the entrance to Denver.

 Overall the days’ endeavors were successful. The fruits of this will follow in a set of maps and documented findings. Keep an eye out.

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